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Dimitri Lismay naturally entered the world of fine jewelry. Following his father's footsteps as a diamond businessman, he acquired experience to become a reference in the world of precious and semi-precious stones. Surrounded by a team of experts, he is ready to create exceptional jewelry with personalized support. Discover his story and his brand!


Son of a diamond businessman, Dimitri grew up in Antwerp. From a very young age, he entered this fascinating world that would later become his daily universe. Fascinated by the small, shiny stones his father worked with, he quickly became interested in diamonds and precious stones.

Over the years, his curiosity turned into a passion. He started regular studies, but the call of diamonds became stronger and stronger, and he started his training at the renowned "Hoge Raad voor Diamant" in Antwerp.

Awesome !

While respecting our budget, Dimitri realized the engagement ring of our dreams. He was always very attentive and guided us throughout this beautiful project!