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Growing up in the world of Diamonds, Dimitri Lismay travels between creating custom jewelry, modernization of antique jewelry and purchasing precious and semi-precious stones. He transmits with passion and patience and directs his expertise, advice and knowledge by answering your expectations and desires at best. After years of experience in the field of diamonds and precious stones, he now offers a variety of services with a unique and personalized support.




Trust & expertise

His mastery of the field, his knowledge of stones and his long-standing relationships allow Dimitri to guide you towards the most enlightened choices. In order to imagine a piece that is in perfect harmony with your intention, your message and your universe, he takes the time to meet you and to create a relationship based on trust. He takes the time but also the space to listen to you with the aim of bringing to life the jewel that you create in close collaboration with him.


Communication & respect

Caring, flexible and attentive, Dimitri is at your disposal to accompany you throughout the evolution of your project. He opens his doors to you at your best convenience. Wishing to respect your wills, but also the environment and the conditions of creation of the pieces, Dimitri sources his natural stones ethically. He also collaborates with people who share the same values.


Understanding & customization

Each piece is unique because it carries the soul, love and creativity of those who imagine it. Dimitri personally accompanies you to give life to your desires. Dimitri is inspired by your ideas and relies on his expertise to provide you with several proposals in order to best define your universe. He will take the time to explain each step of the process and to share with you his knowledge of the fascinating world of stones.


Creation & know-how

The magic happens when your ideas come to life. Your continuous exchanges and the know-how of Dimitri's team will give birth to your creation. Your project will become a reality in the hands of experienced craftsmen and qualified workshops, and under the supervision of Dimitri. All his pieces are imagined, created and assembled in Belgium.



The first meeting

Dimitri Lismay welcomes you in Antwerp or Brussels to discuss your story, your inspirations and your budget. He puts everything in place to enter your world. Flexible and understanding of everyone's schedule, he also receives you outside office hours.

Project draft

Dimitri then relies on your ideas and his expertise to offer you personalized creations. From the selection of stones to the models, he will provide you with several proposals and sketches to better understand your desires.

Jewelry design

Once the choice of materials and model is validated, Dimitri starts the 3D conceptualization of your jewel. In order to better respond to your request, a continuous exchange (by WhatsApp or other communication channels) is assured. Any modification of the jewel is thus facilitated and directly taken into account.


This phase of the project will bring your ideas to life. The team of experts and craftsmen concretize your creation and your jewel is soon in your hands. It takes between 2 to 3 weeks after the validation of the 3D sketch to complete this step.

The First fitting

You will discover your jewel in a beautiful case. This one is given in full safety, either in person or by postal sending.

Custom-made creation

Dimitri Lismay will do anything possible to bring your desires to life through the creation of personalized jewelry. Whether it's an engagement ring or a symbolic piece of jewellery, he will listen to you to conceptualize the jewel of your dreams.

Modernization of old jewelry

Giving a new life to an inherited or even found jewel is the second service offered by the jeweler. Thanks to his know-how, Dimitri will advise you on how to modernize the splendor of an old Lady ring.

Selection of precious stones

Over the years, Dimitri has built up an extensive network of specialists and craftsmen all over the world. Dimitri will find the stone that corresponds to your expectations and your budget.


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Communicating with Dimitri is almost like drinking coffee with a friend. The contact is simple and accessible. The communication is smooth and friendly. If you need further information about a service or if you want a call, he can be reached via Whatsapp, email or even social networks.